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I'm gonna do it!

The Deflower Draco Fest: It's time to deflower Draco! Catch him if you can!
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The Deflower Draco Fest is for het, slash, threesome, and moresome fanworks that prominently feature the virginity (and de-virginizing) of Draco Malfoy. Claim a prompt or work from your own idea!
Prompting: May 24-May 30
Claiming: June 1-June 6
Works Due: Aug 24
Posting Begins: Aug 27

So stay tuned! :)

grumblings of a bad weekend

Snow has ruined my life - officially.

I had a party Friday night and a ski trip away the rest of the weekend. A storm hit on Friday and ruined both plans at the same time. What are the freaking chances of that?! I tell you, sometimes I think the universe has a wicked plan to ruin the small joys in my life.

That's the breaks, I guess.

I spent part of the weekend bummed out about my lack of plans and the second part watching a stupid marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. Which, by the way, is the most mundane, worthless show ever to be telecast and somehow it's quite impossible for me to stop watching it. Go figure that one.

The good thing is that today is Sunday meaning the end of the weekend has come and I'm going to go in to work a few hours for some much needed extra cash. On top of that DramioneDrabble has started their Valentine's Day Challenge! So I'm going to go work on that.

Come participate in the Valentine's Day Drabbles Challenge at dramionedrabble !

The first prompt will be posted January 22, the details are here.

Click click if you have a livejournal account and write or comment on the great ficlets sure to come out of this challenge!


Happy Turkey Day!!

Hope everyone has a good holiday...and don't eat too much!!! :-D. Last day of work today and then I'm officially on holiday until Monday. Glorious!! I decided to try my hand at triple layer pumpkin pie; one layer custard, one whipped cream and topped with a pumpkin mousse. So we'll see how that turns out.

Oh!! 'D is for Draco' is now a featured story at Granger Enchanted. Check it out at ff.net or at grangerenchanted.com



Interhouse Fest is still going strong!! I finally updated one of my fics after nearly a month...phew!! Life sometimes gets way too busy to handle. Christmas is coming and I signed up for a Dragon Age Secret Santa Exchange...just to get the creative juices flowing in that fandom! I'm excited about that and it will soon be posted (soon being end of December).

Meanwhile, my unholy creative side is screaming for a new Dramione story - something edgier...and maybe a but OOC. I guess maybe once Crimson is finished lol!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!! I'm making dessert this year! Triple layer pumpkin pie. :-D

Dramione Drabble

The Halloween Drabble Challenge 2011 is winding down! I told myself I'd write something for each prompt - huge fail. :(

I totally wasn't prepared for everything happening at the end of this month. My sister's musical, and the opera season opening, work, my life outside of this computer, and then working on updating my long fic and finishing the GE challenge. Sigh. I did good though; I wrote at least four, which I'm excited about!

Here's the link:


Oh, and I took a moment to relax last night and watched a really bad horror movie on Netflix called Case 39. If you like Renee Zellweger though, it's pretty good. LOL.


Interhouse Fest!!

Posting starts Tuesday - I can't wait to read and look at all the submissions. And, of course, I wrote a little something, lol! I hope everyone checks it out!!


I'm so excited!!

So I thought I should at least try to somehow personalize this space. Hmm....

Little known fact - I joined Live Journal in search of a beta for my long fic, Crimson with a Silver Lining. This is how I found Sam (SamanthaMalfoy) and she's so awesome.

I never though I'd ever get this entrenched in a fandom - and here I am, two stories, two betas and tons of drabbles later!

Check out some of my stuff all over the Dramione communities here, Hawthorn and Vine, Granger Enchanted and Fanfiction.net.

And this month I won the DMHG Challenge! I was shocked - there were tons better than mine, especially the poetry. The writers for this fandom are fabulous, but I'm so excited to have been chosen a favorite, but even more excited to be part of such a group. :)



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